bounty list-daftar bounty update tiap hari

indonesia: halo semuanya di halaman in anda akan mendapatkan bounty terupdate setiap harinya silakan di bookmark halaman ini, apabila ada yang tertinggal silakan comment terimakasih.

english: hi everyone i just make bounty list in my blog page that help you to find new bounty so you want miss any bounty. but in this bounty list im only get update in this board
so if there any bounty posted out bounties board i will miss too. please help me to find another bounty by comment section below thank you.

NOTE: im only give you new bounty no payment detail no ICO date/detail sorry  so please enjoy 😀

CATATAN: saya hanya memberikan bounty baru di sini tidak ada bounty detailnya maaf silakan di nikmati 😀

wallet donasi apabila berkenan/address for donation

bitcoin: 1PbUxZx8vboGhKJytboytHCmFT7QsShw38

Doge: D9LqWhfJwRDXZHD3j1LnFb4kpDDYudZJh4

Ethereum: 0x40445241F1658de364151fCfE1c64Bbc306AE249 (support ERC20) 😀


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