MeetnGreetMe : Customized Travel ICO Experience Based on Blockchain Technology

ICO is a promising feature that you will find in travel experience platform. MeetnGreetMe can be selected to be a promising platform for travel services. It uses blockchain technology managing your needs and budgets. There are some positive reviews and explanation about this travelling ico platform.

What Is MeetnGreetMe?

MeetnGreetMe is travelling ICO helping you to manage and organize the plan of traveling. It has been a huge problem for travelers. They try to invest time, money, and energy to create the best plan for their trip. It seems that it is helpful for travelers to organize their holiday and traveling plan. It is also a global ecosystem where a tourist and traveler can ask an adjusted service for needs and budget of their trip and traveling. It is claimed by local and professional people. Those will be paid through blockchain enabling a peer to peer payment system. By combining an interaction of peer to peer and further analysis, it is aimed at producing offers based on action that is very personal and changing traveling experience to be personalization experience in the worldwide.

Great Solution with Amazing Result

When you trust MeetnGreetMe for traveling platform, you will not get disappointed to the result. It is a real solution with amazing and real results. It proffers 1003 requests from all over the world. It means that it is able to accept different and various requests from travelers. It enriches the knowledge to organize this platform. It reached 724 verified meetnGreetes to use this platform. The trusted people want to create a happy travel and personalized experience of traveling. Of course, it is saving their worth time. It serves 273 cities in all over the world. You can enjoy the destinations in more than 270 cities in the world. It is also offering 7% of monthly growth of traveling platform. It is growing rapidly and constantly to convince travelers to enjoy this service. whitepaper

Amazing Blockchained Based Travel and Ecosystem

MeetnGreetMe is a hospitality ecosystem based community and trustworthy. It means that everyone is allowed to participate with their skills and interests. With this way, they will get achievement on their contribution. Participant takes a deal with this platform. The greeters and platform users can create value and credits when you it and benefit the services. You’ll get interaction. The core value of platform is got from the interaction. All interactions are built due to main interaction, creation, and transfering services of p2p trip and traveling. Platform is another deal with this platform. An infrastructure is able to make value and exchange among participants. Crypto coins can be found in amazing blockchained based travel and ecosystem. The crypto coins are issued to fulfill needs of users, support and give incentivise to the wanted interaction.

Value exchange will be regarded by crypto coins for an action earning value. Tool is charging a commision transaction cost from every transaction. It is charged to p2p transfer and supported by minimum cost. Functions have a function to be reword beyond an action connecting to the users’ experience. Currency needs to pay for Welcome coins service. Those influence the result of MeetnGreetMe as trusted traveling platform.

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